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Hosted by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Darrin Communications Center, Room 308 (map)
Saturday, January 5, 2019
9:15 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Please be in your seats by 9:30 a.m. for guest speakers; kickoff video starts at 10 a.m.


Campus Map (Free Parking)

Where to find food

If you can't make it to your local kickoff, watch the broadcast online: FIRST® Kickoff Website

***Please send a new team picture to include in the event presentation (1024px x 768px jpeg is best)***

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Prepare for Kickoff

All FRC Participants:
We encourage everyone to download the encrypted game manual before Kickoff. The encrypted manual will be available soon here: https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/frc/competition-manual-qa-system

Team Leaders:
We aren’t collecting team rosters at Kickoff, but please confirm that all your student team members and mentors are registered with FIRST and have consents in place before Kickoff.

Student Team Members:
Make sure you are signed up for your team on the FIRST Dashboard and your parent has given consent for you to participate. Contact your coach if you have questions about this process.

What To Bring To Kickoff:
Bring your laptop or other devices with encrypted game manual already downloaded; FIRST will share the encryption key for the downloaded manual during Kickoff.

We recommend each team bring a dolly or cart with your team number clearly marked to use when picking up your Kit of Parts.

Kickoff Details

  • The event will be held in DCC-308, Darrin Communications Center Lecture Hall 308.

  • Food can be brought into the facility.

  • Parking is free and available in the College Avenue parking garage and the Academy Hall lot. Buses should park at the Academy Hall lot, passengers will walk to DCC from the lot.

  • Handicap access for curbside drop off and pick up can be arranged with Paul Schoch.

  • One vehicle per team may be brought on campus to pick up the Kit of Parts. Directions will be provided after the broadcast.

  • Internet access is very limited in the DCC building. There are a few Ethernet ports that need no login. RPI students and staff can use their RPI ID and password for wireless access. Wireless access will be available for use in reserved meeting rooms after Kickoff.

  • Rooms for team meetings or brainstorming will be made available when reserved in advance. We are unable to accommodate space requests made at Kickoff. Teams staying for the quick build or for brainstorming are allowed to bring in food. Campus food services are closed.

  • A quick build session will be offered following the broadcast. Space is limited; teams must reserve a spot in advance to participate. Priority will be given to rookie teams. Safety glasses are required. Basic tools are recommended.  We are unable to accommodate requests at Kickoff for teams to do the quick build.
  • Please contact Paul Schoch by January 2 to reserve a meeting room or to request participation in the quick build session.

  • More information about Kickoff, check out the FIRST website.

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