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Please click on each award to see the transcript of the announcement preceding the presentation of the award.

The FIRST Impact Award is the most prestigious award at FIRST. It honors the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the purpose and goals of FIRST.

The FIRST Impact Award is presented to the team judged to have the most significant measurable impact of its partnerships among its participants and community over a sustained period, not just a single build season. The winner is able to demonstrates progress towards FIRST’s mission of transforming our culture. The recipient team will be invited to a FIRST Championship where it will compete for the FIRST Impact Award against winners from other qualifying events.

Our Impact Award winner sparks innovation through their outreach and leadership. Their initiatives power the impact of FIRST in their region and beyond. Their leadership is electric, creating strong bonds with many BFFs. As the "joule" of their city, they build the future of FIRST.

Congratulations, Team 4930, Electric Mayhem!

FIRST Dean’s List Finalists are outstanding passionate student leaders who demonstrate exemplary effectiveness at attaining FIRST ideals.

They were nominated by their teams for their direct contributions and impact on others – exemplifying leadership and commitment, on the team and in their community. FIRST Dean’s List Finalists, recognized here today, are also our nominees for the FIRST Dean’s List at the Championships.

I will announce the names one at a time…

Congratulations to the first FIRST Dean’s List Finalist

Nicolle Palacios from Team number 4122!

Congratulations to the second FIRST Dean’s List Finalist:

Ethan Waters from Team number 20!

The Engineering Inspiration Award celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team's school or organization, and community. Inspiring others to respect science and technology requires passion, knowledge and commitment, and we recognize these qualities through this award.

The Winner of this award will have their 2023 Championship Registration fee sponsored by NASA.

Whether at an FRC event or out in the community,this team makes connections with other teams through a strong emphasis on diversity. With many student-led activities, they create noise about the fun and impact of STEAM. Whether from the band shell or the Capital, their deadhead-inspired impact can be heard from miles away.

Congratulations Team 1511, Rolling Thunder!

The New York Tech Valley FIRST Regional Champions.

This alliance rose to the many challenges of CHARGED UP and proved to be an exciting competitive combination. They can now proudly hang a Winner’s banner in their Pit.

Congratulations to the Alliance Captain, Team 3015 and their partners: Team 1796 and Team 4930!

Regional Finalist celebrates the alliance that makes it to the final match of the competition. FIRST recognizes the talent of these outstanding competitors. They were sensational and we are proud to honor them.

Congratulations to the Alliance Captain, Team 4122 and their partners: Team 2791 and Team 4571!

FIRST Robotics stands apart from other competitions in STEM and sports due to the FIRST Ethos of Gracias Professionalism, the concept of Coopertition, and the commitment to the FIRST Core Values. The guiding force behind these principles was Dr. Woodie Flowers. In honor of Woodie, Dr. Willam Murphy founded the Woodie Flowers Award in 1996. He recognized that the FIRST ethos would be carried forward by our FIRST mentors ans sought to celebrate those mentors who demonstrate the leadership, ethical behavior and communication skills exemplified by Woodie. Students are uniquely positioned to share evidence of how their mentors have led their team through their knowledge, dedication, and unwavering gracious support. In their own concisely written words, stundets nominate a team mentor by their inspiring Woodie Flowers essays. With this award, we celebrate excellence in communication in the art and science of engineering and design.

Woodie believed "societies get the best of what they celebrate." Being recognized by students, through nomination essays, makes this honor very meaningful to mentors. It is truly an honor for a mentor to be nominated for this award.

At each Regional and District Championship events, mentors will receive the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award. Then, at the Championships in Houston, one mentor will be selected from re-nominated past Finalists to receive the 2023 Championship Woodie Flowers Award.

You shared high praise for the accomplishments and dedication of your mentors and your teams. Based on your input, we now recognize the outstanding contributions of ONE mentor to the FIRST experience

This mentor fosters inclusivity in their team and is committed to making sure everyone can learn and grow. This mentor is a strong advocate for STEM and FIRST. They helped reignite a dormant FRC team, providing even more opportunities for students to join FIRST. She understands that the true mission of FIRST is not just about robots and awards, but the development of her students and community. Taking time away from her PhD program, she doesn't do this for the recognition. In her words, "It's just the right thing to do!"

Please join us in congratulating the 2023 New York Tech Valley Regional Woodie Flowers FINALIST Award winner, Arianna Rothfuss, from Team 4930!

The Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors celebrates celebrates the team that demonstrates industrial design principles, striking a balance between form, function, and aesthetics.

This award goes to a robot with a great silhouette.

It is sleek, but you can't see it in the dark.

The judges thought their workmanship rocked!

Congratulations Team 144, The R.O.C.K.!

During the course of the competition, the judging panel may decide that a team's unique efforts, performance, or dynamics merit recognition yet do not fit into any of the existing award categories.

The judges were very impressed by the number of teams who do great work spreading the message of STEM and FIRST around the world. One team achieved measurable success by providing robot kits and coding lessons to young girls. They were s0000000000000 impressive that they were recognized by the UN for their efforts in West Kenya.

Congratulations Team 6911, SO BOTZ!

The Rookie Inspiration Award celebrates a rookie team for outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering and engineers, both within their school, as well as in their community.

This team demonstrated the ultimate in community service. When a natural disaster occurred, this team stopped in the middle of build season to aid their fellow countrymen. Putting their rookie season on hold to help earthquake relief efforts is inspiring.

Congratulations Team 9099, ANKAROB!

The Team Spirit Award celebrates extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit through exceptional partnership and teamwork furthering the objectives of FIRST.

This team took the concept of team spirit beyond the playing field. They became a family, making sure that everyone is connected and heard. By setting an example of year-long team spirit, they developed hearts as large as a dinosaur.

Congratulations Team 333, MEGALODONS!

The Excellence in Engineering Award celebrates the team that demonstrates a professional approach to the design process, and whose design is elegant and advantageous on the field of play.

This team's robot always extends a hand. Their design efforts turned the tables, and their workmanship keeps things steady.

Congratulations Team Team 2791, Shaker Robotics!

The Team Sustainability Award celebrates and recognizes a team that has developed a sustainable program in order to define, manage, and achieve the team's ongoing objectives.

This team clearly understands the mission of FIRST. They created an extensive program across their community to recruit future members. Increasing team funding is their cup of tea. They broke the bubble and swooped down on their competition.

Congratulations Team 2601, Steel Hawks!

The Gracious Professionalism® Award celebrates outstanding demonstration of FIRST Core Values such as continuous Gracious Professionalism, working together both on and off the field of play. The winning team exemplifies the principles of FIRST: fairness, humility, positivity, and respect.

This team exemplifies the core values of FIRST. Their attitude is extremely positive on and off the field. Collaboration is at the heart of this team's ethos, assisting other teams at competition and in their home city.

Congratulations Team 4571, Rambots!

The Creativity Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation celebrates creativity that enhances strategy of play and was intentionally designed and not discovered.

Necessity is the parent of creative invention. This team molded their path to success one star at a time. These spin doctors racked up the points with their innovative design.

GRRRREAT congratulations to Team 340, Greater Rochester Robotics!

The Quality Award celebrates machine robustness in concept and fabrication. Building the robot is only part of their success and the judges recognize them as a quality example to others.

From the start, this team took the time to develop and iterate on their design. Their intentional process was well documented and described. Their unique take on a virtual component led to a clean, robust, and functional system.

Congratulations Team 20, The Rocketeers!

The Innovation in Control Award celebrates an innovative control system or application of control components - electrical, mechanical, or software - to provide unique machine functions.

This team took control to the highest levels. Innovative design was key to their success. With many views they can handle any 'red hot' situation on the field.

Congratulations Team 639, Code Red Robotics!

The Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford celebrates the team that has demonstrated consistent, reliable, high-performance robot operation during autonomously managed actions. Evaluation is based on the robot's ability to sense its surroundings, position itself or onboard mechanisms appropriately, and execute tasks.

In autonomous mode, this team always reached for the highest level and found their balance. They demonstrated exceptional precision, accuracy, and consistency throughout the competition. We would give them an A++ for their efforts, but in their language, it would be C++.

Congratulations Team 4122, Ossining 0-Bots!

The Imagery Award is in honor of Jack Kamen, Dean's father, for his dedication to art, illustration, and his devotion to FIRST. This award celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team appearance.

This team displayed a theme that integrated robot appearance with team costumes. They spread the principles of FIRST, supplying treasures to elementary schools in their territory. This team roams the high seas of competition with flair and swash-buckling style.

Congratulations Team 578, Red Raider Robotics!

This year's Volunteer of the Year is someone who is very dear to the FIRST Tech Valley Planning Committee. Even though you may not personally know her, believe us when we say that she is important to you too.

As an original member of the NY Tech Valley Planning Committee, this person's role has increased, and increased, and then increased some more. With excellent organizational skills, and a great collaborative spirit, our Volunteer of the Year has helpoed shape this event from its inception.

Seeing the need to increase awareness and develop new champions for FIRST, our Volunteer of the Year has worked tirelessly on a variety of initiatives. Some of these include government outreach, corporate relationships and our Ambassador Program.

As if this weren't enough, She's Kinda Cool!

This year's 2023 Volunteer of the Year award goes toRose Barra!

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